Work To Win

Lisa Thal

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs in winning the Super Bowl. The following three words – Work To Win- are painted above all the lockers. They kept working to succeed in the final three games. The Chiefs came from behind against the Texans, then the Titans and beat the 49ers to win the Super Bowl!

How can Work To Win apply to your business?

How do you define winning at the end of the year?

Like Andy Reed, Our goal as Coaches is to help our team members exceed their total budget. As sellers, it is your job to keeping working to win the business.

How do we do it? One call at a time.

We have 12 months like their 16 games to find a way to win. We may fall short one month and will have to do more in other months to win at the end of the year. Some clients may retract. We have to be prepared for that and keep developing new business.

We have to win at building better relationships with our clients each day. Find a way to develop deeper relationships with your clients.

You have to win at prospecting better. You have to keep looking for different ways to connect. You have to keep working to find new clients you can help win their game. Prospecting has to become apart of your sales DNA.

You have to win with productive meetings with new and current clients. You have to make sure the time you spend with your clients is productive. Time is valuable to you and the customer. Let’s stay focused on solving their challenges.

You have to win with referrals from current customers or those that are your raving fans. The fastest way to scoring more business is from the clients that have success with us. You are leading from a position of confidence and results. You have to ask for referrals.

You win with renewals with growth. You put your time and energy into earning their business. Keep it by continuing to provide exceptional solutions and service to them.

You win by providing better solutions measured from your client’s perspective. You have to make sure you understand how your client will measure the success of your product or service.

To make sure you win at the end of the year. I encourage you to stay focused on One Play at a time and keep Working To Win!

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