Bill Reinberger, Corporate Sales
Cincinnati Reds

Managing sales in organization in Major League Baseball for over a decade, I struggle to create new motivating stimulus to inspire my staff. Lisa’s three-word approach has given us a simple yet effective tool to renew our focus and reach our goals. As a leader, it’s proven invaluable as a new avenue to motivate my team to work better both individually and as a group.

Bryson Lair, Sales Manager
Cincinnati Bell Business

I thoroughly enjoyed “3-Word Meetings” written by Lisa Thal. Sales meeting content is one that every sales manager has struggled with, and this gives you great ideas on how to create a little fun, but with a motivating tone that everyone can rally behind. You can truly use these titles to jump from when it comes to leading a sales organization, no matter what industry you are in. My team enjoyed the “In the zone” and “lead the way” titles and I found the “for you” and “for your team” subsets very helpful on ways to consider or look into these further. Sales meetings don’t have to suck, and Lisa was able to help managers insure that this is true if you incorporate a few of her ideas each week into your meeting. Who can’t remember 3 words, and that simple approach allows it to stick in the minds of the sales professionals.

John Williams
WKRQ/2060 Digital

I’ve been in sales for over 13 years, and in our industry you have to think quickly, move quickly, and react quickly.  I often found sales meetings would slow me down.   That is until our first 3 Word Meeting with Lisa.  As a former sales person herself she is able to keep us focused without wearing us out with too much information.  I find that the 3 Word Meeting stay with me throughout the week, inspires me to be a better sales person, and keeps me moving forward in my fast paced world.  3 Words…. “Buy This Book”.  It could change your meetings tomorrow!

Sara Minda Reardon, Account Executive
WKRQ (13 years)

As a busy account executive, I’ve often felt there were better ways for me to spend an hour of my day than attending a sales meeting.  Lisa’s 3 word meetings changed my opinion on this and, instead, provided me with a weekly meeting time to re-focus and engage on a topic that delivered a meaningful and relevant message in a concise manner.  No matter what the topic, I always found it insightful and relatable to my business.

Jason Budzik, Senior Account Executive
WKRQ/2060 Digital (18 years)

3 words helps me – a strategic and inspiring way to help me think about my day, how to reevaluate my systems and how to better improve my process. I always leave the meeting motivated and inspired.
And he added.
Who wants to sit through another meeting? 3 word meetings is a simple way to thought provokes and engage your audience! I walk out of every meeting thinking of a better way to improve my path.

Emily Martin, Senior Account Executive
WKRQ, 2060 Digital

There are so many things that can be summed up in three words. You Did It. Go For It. One More Try.
I had never put much thought into the significance 3 words could have on my motivation for both work and my personal life, until I began working with Lisa. The way she elaborates the meaning behind 3 simple words, it always gets me to think differently, to open up my mind. Sales can be a frustrating job day to day, but solutions are just 3 words away in the eyes of Lisa. Are We Prepared? Consistency Pays Off. Seize the Moment. Lead the way. I owe a lot of my success to Lisa and the way she coaches me on finding a way to stay relevant with my clients and build those relationships, and she usually does it in 3 words or less. Thank you, Lisa.