What’s Your Story?

Lisa Thal

There are so many variations of stories. There are mystery stories, romantic, sports, comedy, rags to riches stories, inspiring or fantasy, human interest stories, there are short and long stories.

There is one story you have an interest in and are writing each day. Your story! Yes, you are the author of your story. Each chapter in your book reflects where you are today, and future chapters are what you have designed for your life. One question you need to ask yourself is, do you like your story? Do you believe in your story? It is challenging to share a story when you lack confidence or knowledge of the story. Are you excited to share your story with others? Is your story boring? Is your story exciting? Do you like how your current story is unfolding?

As a Life Coach, what I have discovered when meeting with my clients is that they all have a story. A story of frustration. Frustration with a spouse who doesn’t understand them, a financial story, where you spend more than you have. An addiction story, not just alcohol or drugs, but a shopping story. Some of us are looking for a quick fix to feel something or an escape from something. A health story, you tell yourself you don’t have time to exercise- yet we have 24 hours in a day, and we may be looking for 30 minutes to invest in our well being to go for a walk, run, or yoga class. Or worse, a pattern of stories, um that we have allowed someone else to tell our story, and now we believe it!

These stories we tell ourselves, that shape us are called excuses! Don’t we love them? If you don’t like your current story, you have the power to change it. Yes, it is that easy.

We all have experiences in our life that shape our story. I do understand that and also realize that each situation we face builds our story. The story of life! The story of happiness, hardships, losses of those we loved, a story of survival, stories of inspiration, of hope, of faith, love or growth, and contribution. My story is to learn more about myself and those I meet each day. Now that is a story I am interested in listening to and learning.

To share a great story, you must know the story—the story about yourself and the story of work you do each day.

What about your work story? Whether your in management, sales, marketing, real estate, retail, or manufacturing or technology. Are you able to communicate your story with your customers? Do you have a complicated or straightforward story? A story worth sharing. See the difference between you winning the business is your ability to share a story that connects with that client and their needs.

Let’s look at your strategy.

Your strategy– Every story has a purpose. It would help if you were very clear about what you want from your story. Say you need more business, then you need to discover the benefits of your story and find a way to share it with others. Better yet, networking with your most satisfied clients may lead to referrals, and now you have them tell your story and recommend you. It takes practice and repetition to perfect how your story will be received. You have the opportunity to learn each time you have an exchange with a prospect or current client.

Client’s Story – You must know your clients’ story. Story of why and how their business began? Their customer journey story? Let the client tell you through their eyes how their company operates, the benefits, the shortfalls. Why their current customer spend money with them versus the competition? Why they lose market share to competitors. To help a client, we need to understand their story and their needs for us to help them.

Competitors Story- It is imperative to know your competitors’ story as well. What are their strengths and shortfalls? Where does your product or service have a competitive advantage? You need to be able to share your story, or you risk your competitor telling your story, and it may not be the same story.

Why Do You Need a Story? So that you are clear of who you are, what you desire, and how you will achieve it.

All of us tell stories about ourselves. Stories define us. To know someone well is to know their story—the experiences that have shaped them, the trials, and turning points that have tested them. When we want someone to know us, we share stories of our childhoods, our families, our school years, our first loves, the development of our political views, and so on.

So believe in your story, keep developing new chapters, and understand the importance of sharing your story with others!

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