One strategy to accomplish more in a day.


One strategy to help you accomplish more each day! I was having lunch with a client discussing business and life. We both are in management roles, coaching sales teams, generating revenue, seeing customers, leading projects for the company, and involved in multiple meetings throughout the day, zoom or in person. Some days She shared that… continue reading »

The other “C” word that impacts your life and business.


The other “C” word may stop you from learning and moving forward in your life and business. What is the other “C” Word?Its Change! Change in careers, in our relationships, our health, finances, and our business. If you think about it, our lives are constantly changing. But most of us don’t like Change. Why? Because… continue reading »

3 Reasons why new prospects don’t want to meet with us.


3 Reasons why new prospects don’t want to meet with us! I was having a conversation with a sales executive, and they shared that they were trying to connect with a prospect they were targeting. I asked them to walk me through how many attempts they had made to connect. We reviewed was the account… continue reading »

Six Ideas to attract new clients!


Are you looking for a way to attract new clients? What if they found you? Prospecting! I think I heard some of you say, Ugh.What if there was a better way to gain new clients? Everyone agrees they want to use the most effective and effortless process to gain new clients. Yes, sign me up;… continue reading »

3 Skills you need to succeed in business!


3 Skills you need to succeed in business! I have a question for you? Why do some salespeople hit their goals and others fall short? I know there may be exceptions to losing a significant account that could impact your year. Aside from that, there is one reason. Accountability! Yes, the difference is that those… continue reading »