6 Steps To Getting A Yes!

Lisa Thal

6 Steps To Getting A Yes!

Did you know that two-thirds of all sales executives don’t follow a sales process?

Follow this process, and the client is more likely to say yes to your ideas! We spend so much time and energy prospecting for the right client, and then we invest more time searching for a valid business reason for us to connect. Prospecting is everything. We connect on LinkedIn and other social channels. We have the discovery meeting and present our award-winning ideas – sorry, I got carried away! I meant to say, we recommend thoughtful strategic solutions, and the client says they will review everything we talked about and follow up next week. You then find yourself wondering how much more time they could need. You presented several solutions to their biggest challenge. Let’s get moving! Reality sets in and you follow up, get their voicemail, you send an email and get no response. Then you are thinking to yourself, “What happened?!”

It is more common than you think to get ghosted. Did we scare off the prospect? No, of course not! It happens to all of us, especially after the presentation. There are several steps you can take to improve your conversions when presenting your ideas and improve your closing percentage.

1) The most crucial step is making sure the decision-maker and decision-influencers are involved. If not, move the meeting until they can make it. It would also be best if you had a clear path and understanding of the decision-making process and timelines.

2) You need to identify the precise, desired business results your client needs help with now. What have you discovered as the one challenge they need help with immediately? I recommend asking if there is anything else you can help them with in addition to what you just discussed. You need to understand the way your client wants to buy, not how we want to sell them.

3) Do you have an assignment that you and the client have agreed is important enough that they will invest money to solve it? You must understand their profit margins and the sales cycle of their industry.

4) You share the details of the program, making sure the timing works for them. I would recommend providing several options. Title your options Good, Better, or Best. Be prepared to answer all of their questions. In doing so, you will build more trust and confidence with the client. You give the client the power to choose the best option for them. If they stall on moving forward with your program and say they need to think about it, schedule a follow-up meeting that you put on their calendar.

5) It’s essential to discuss two to three measures of success. ” Your discussion must support the customer journey. How do new clients find them? What are their conversions online and in-store? What was their best month, and why?

6) Follow up. You can determine based on your client’s needs how to follow up. They may prefer a bi-weekly conference call, a monthly face to face meeting reviewing the progress of the campaign or adjustments you discovered that could further improve the results. You are showing them you’re in it together.

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