Power of Purpose

Lisa Thal

Let me ask you a question. What is your power of purpose?

I have a recommendation that can help you discover your Power and Purpose. Answer these three questions to help you find out your Power of Purpose.

What – What do you need? Notice I didn’t ask you what you want. It’s what you need. Do you need better Health and Wellness? Do you need a better relationship? Do you need a more secure financial future? Do you need professional or personal growth?
Why – Why is the emotional reason behind what you need. So ask yourself, why would having better health be vital to you? Is that you will have more energy? Why do you need to be financially secure? Once you have that answer, ask the Why question again. You will find each time you ask Why you get more clear on the emotional reason why it is essential to you.
How – How will you fulfill your needs and desires? Most of us make it to steps one and two. Now the How! Now the action is required—the strategy to getting you to dreams. Hear comes Fear! Fear can sneak in our minds and convince us not to start. Don’t let it. Each of us will have a different strategy and one that will work for you. It’s essential to set a date. Some of our needs may take a focus for 90 days and others over a year. For some us, personal growth of learning is a lifetime. You desire to keep becoming a better version of yourself.

I am asking you to stop dabbling and start going for it. What will make you push even harder to accomplish your dreams? What if you add 10% more passion each day? 10% more purpose in your life. 10% of learning something new. Commit and go after it: your full potential, your next level. You are worth it. Yes, you will face obstacles. But understand this is a journey, your life’s journey. A life worth investing in every day, your life!

Keep discovering your Power of Purpose!

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