Honor the Queen or King within you!

Lisa Thal

Honor the Queen or King within you!

You can do this by impacting others through your leadership and service.

I was driving home from playing golf and heard on the radio that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. Like many of you listening, it shocked me. A few days earlier, I witnessed her shaking hands with the new Prime Minister. The Queen looked a bit smaller and had a welcoming smile.

After watching all the news coverage about her, I remember laying in bed and thinking, what if my life journey ended tonight? I thought she would live to be at least 100! My mind kept thinking, Wow, in two short days, the Queen is gone. The magnitude of what Queen Elizabeth II accomplished throughout her life I find hard to put into words. I believe in my lifetime, we will never witness someone who profoundly and respectfully touched so many people’s lives over her life.

People like you and I lined the streets daily to pay their respects for her service to them. The images of so many enormous farms Combined lining the procession show their respect for a woman they loved and respected. Simple gestures of flowers, notes of gratitude, and many standing for hours and lines miles long to have the opportunity to walk by this gracious lady to show their respect and honor. Millions of people paid their respects to the Queen, and an estimated 4 Billion watched the service on TV.

So you may be asking, why are you sharing this story?

The answer is to Honor the Queen or King in each of us!

Each of you is passionate or great at one thing. One thing that fills your heart and soul. I believe we can learn so much from those that have made their transition and left a legacy they built. I understand that each of us may not have the platform or expectations the Queen had; sometimes, it starts in our own families, with our friends, neighbors, and those we may never meet. As I shared earlier, I found myself thinking about my own life.

Questions like:
Am I making a difference in my world?
Can I serve others with the gifts I have to offer?
Where do I start so that I leave the world a better place?

So I wondered if many of you have felt the same this past week. I believe we all want to know we matter. A desire to give more and make a lasting impact on others. This is the definition of authentic leadership!

How do you honor yourself?

Many of you are in the financial field. Many people don’t know how to manage expenses and how to invest in their future. The compounding impact of this is enormous for generations. You can help, even if it’s two people or ten.

Maybe you love animals. Volunteer to work at a shelter or grab your family and friends and volunteer to walk the dogs a few times a week.

Children may be your passion. I witnessed a little girl named Baby Bea raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Children’s Hospital by starting a Lemonade stand. She asked others to join her, and she continues to impact others years later.

Another friend discovered a local football team had food insecurities. She jumped in and started making Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and donated healthy snacks for these young men. Now she is raising $50,000 a year to help support their football team and other school kids. It started by making a sandwich for a hungry kid.

Queen Elizabeth led for over 70 years of her life! Yes, she had to make tough decisions that may not have been popular but were always in the people’s best interest. She was authentic and honest with her approach, which was refreshing to Everyone watching her moves.

Leadership starts with each of us.

Start in your own community or workplace. Most of us think we have to go big. When in reality, you think you have to help thousands of people. So what typically happens is that you don’t begin at all. Start by helping one person, then a few more. Ask a family member or friend to join you in helping a small group.

See people where they are, not where you want them to be.

Be kind and understand that many are doing the very best they can at that moment.

Give back and serve others.

Queen Elizabeth II, you served others well. You taught us to help others and Do what we can do. We just need to start! A life well lived is all we aspire to be.

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