4 Ways to Stretch Yourself Halfway Through the Year

Lisa Thal

4 Ways to Stretch Yourself Halfway Through the Year

Believe it or not, we are approaching the midpoint of our year. Some of us are happy with our performance while others may need to ramp up their sales activity to exceed their outcomes. Where is your team? Where are you?

I was looking at a rubber band the other day and began to stretch it as far as I could without breaking it. All of a sudden I had an aha moment. The rubber band reminded me of how far we stretch ourselves when needed. It’s a symbol of extending or expanding our efforts to accomplish our goals for the year.

When was the last time you stretched yourself? More than likely it was a few days before your vacation. It’s amazing how focused and organized we get before vacation. Imagine what it could mean for your business had you kept that same momentum the entire year. Imagine what you’d be able to accomplish if you stretched yourself today.

So let me ask you a couple of questions: Are you on track to exceed your expectations? Have you lost focus and perhaps interest midway through the year? If so, then it may be time to reset how you are approaching your business.

Here are four recommendations to finish your year strong!

1) Determine what’s holding you back – There can be several things keeping you from reaching your goals. Is it a client who won’t meet with you or return your call? It comes down to you. You have the power to accomplish your goals. Believe in your ability to attain your outcomes. You have everything you need.

2) Stretch your day – Find an extra 10 minutes every day to move your business forward. Look at your daily calendar of activities and find those valuable minutes to help create business for yourself. Stretching yourself to do more each day than you did yesterday can produce tremendous results. For example, there are about 130 business days left in the year. If you find an extra ten minutes per day to focus on new business, that adds up to 1,300 minutes. 1,300 minutes is almost an extra 22 hours to focus on creating new business!

3) Stretch out of your comfort zone – If you do things the same way, you will get the same results. When you stretch yourself, you learn more about yourself. In the end, you are only competing against your personal best. You will grow personally and professionally through each experience, so I urge you to stretch yourself!

4) Stretch your mind. You can extend your thoughts further than you think. We all have mental toughness. Think you can or think you can’t? Either way, you will be right. Reset your intention to be more productive and you will be more productive. Create a winning mindset and stay focused on what needs to get accomplished to achieve your goals.

I want to leave you with this thought:

“If you don’t stretch yourself, how do you know how far you can go?”

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