3 Ways to Add more “Will” into your life

Lisa Thal

3 Ways to Add More “Will” Into Your Life

Every summer my sister-in-law Donna and her children Carl, Mary and Will make their journey from Pennsylvania to Kentucky for a family vacation. This year we planned a special celebration. Will just turned 19, graduated from high school, and is preparing for college. We planned a family pool party to celebrate and were sure to include all of Will’s favorite things: tie-dye, food and drinks, and family.

You may be thinking, “That is beautiful, but many others are celebrating their high school graduation this summer, so why is that so special?” This was especially exciting because Will was born with down syndrome, but that never stopped him from living a fulfilling and successful life. Will has the gift to make others laugh and he brings a smile to everyone’s face.  It is his honest approach to life.

For five days, I had the pleasure of observing Will and the connections he created. In addition to his humor, one of Will’s gifts is the way he makes everyone feel connected. He is captivating and he has a way to pull you into the moment. He used a phrase over and over again this year which really stuck with me. That was, “What’s next?”

Will would focus on one activity until it was finished, and then he’d say, “Okay, what’s next?” His energy is high and he is always eager to learn something new. Will’s approach to life made me think about how we approach our own lives and the way we do business. What lessons from Will could we apply to shift our perspective?

These are three opportunities to add more “Will” into your life.

1) The will to discover. Let go of any resistance or boundaries to your experiences. When you have the desire to learn new ways of doing things, you can gain knowledge through each experience. Perhaps, try listening to a podcast to expand your understanding of a certain topic. Or, discover a new book that teaches you a new way to approach an aspect of your life.

2) The will to focus.  I encourage you to use the 90/10 rule, in which you focus 90% of your time on creating solutions for your clients’ biggest challenges, and you spend the remaining 10% on yourself or your product or service. Be sure to look at each situation with fresh eyes to get a fresh perspective.

3)  Will power. You have the ultimate power to keep moving forward. You have the will to let go of any fears or roadblocks in your way. What do you need to push through in order to reach your outcomes? Find out what is standing in the way of converting the sale you so desire.

So, “what’s next” for you?

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