Winning Changes Everything!

Lisa Thal

Learn how Winning Changes Everything!

As most of you know, I am a huge NFL fan, and my team is The Cincinnati Bengals – Who Dey!!! Well, the Who- Dey the past seven years have not given their fans a reason to cheer. In 2019 we finished 2-14. Two wins and in 2018 6 wins.

Well, it’s a new year, and The Bengals are off to a great start with a winning record. Who is responsible for this shift? Joe Burrow, our QB, and the other great players are surrounding him. But, one person, Joe Burrow, re-engaged Who Dey nation by showing his leadership, confidence, and winning. Yes, Winning Changes Everything! How we show up, our mindset, our focus, and our belief in doing. Now watching the Bengals, you have a sense they are never out of the Game. They are focused on Winning! And they are Winning with one play at a time.

So you may be thinking, Lisa, what do the Bengals winning have to do with me and my business. A lot!

Let me ask you a question.

Do you feel like you are winning?
What does winning look like for you?
How is your performance this year?
Are you exceeding your goals?
Are you making progress?

November is the month you have a clear picture of winning. It’s a time where you focus on renewals and new business for the following year. You discover whether you will make your goals or fall short?

I was in a coaching session with a sales executive. We were reviewing his year and renewals for next year. I asked him how he felt about his year and the direction of his business. He was a bit disappointed in his performance for the year. He had some uncertainty on several significant accounts renewing their contracts. It was at that moment; I realized I needed to get him back in the Game.

If you are a manager or coach of a team, it is critical to pay attention to your team and make sure they do not go down of path that could take them away from them achieving their outcomes.

I had an honest conversation with him. I shared with him that I thought he was at a point of decision. That he perhaps was considering changing careers after 15 years because of his lack of certainty. He agreed, and then I said, you know what I know about you? I know you’re driven to be the best! Your key strengths are that you are competitive, relationships with your clients are important to you, and you’re a problem solver, and you don’t like to lose- you prefer to win!

I said, I understand where you are today, and thanks for being honest with yourself and me. Together we need to create some wins and get you back in the Game! Winning does Change Everything!

So we began, designing what that victory path looked like for him. We started with what he could control. He started by scheduling time with his current clients, who have confidence in him, and have the best relationships. He needed to ensure nothing has changed with their business and he the opportunity to discover new challenges they may be facing.

His new business plan focuses on verticals he has experience working with and can help them win. He created the list of new prospects, timelines of connecting with them in a very thoughtful strategy. He started setting new meetings, building momentum, and closing business.

See, sometimes it is the little wins like changing your mindset to Impossible vs. Possible. It’s taking action, building confidence with those you work with, and discovering how to help other companies succeed by solving their biggest problem—celebrating your daily wins to build momentum for you the next day.

Our days in sales consist of daily cold calls, emails, presentations, problem-solving, and client meetings. The winning routines we establish, the foundation of a successful work ethic and winning mindset. It’s what salespeople do beyond selling that makes a difference.

Winning does change Everything! So what can you do today to start winning? To perhaps inspire others around you and impact those you Lead! My recommendation is to commit yourself! Winning begins with YOU!

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