Why Moms Matter!

Lisa Thal

Why Moms Matter!

I was hiking the pups enjoying nature and thinking about my Mom and Mother’s Day. What I know for sure is being a Mom is not easy. Moms make sacrifices for us. What Moms do better than most is to help their kids create a pathway for their kid’s journey.

I also know Moms, including Mom Thal, are doing their best to raise their kids. Moms get the most out of each day with tasks switching from work to their kids’ lives, friends, and family demands, and they do it with such grace. It’s not easy, nor is life, as my Mom would say.

I am so grateful to have the ability to see and talk to my Mom. At 92 years old, I don’t take for granted each conversation, each time I get to hug her, hold her hand, and tell her how much I love her. I know today can be challenging for many listening because your moms are no longer here, so I am thinking of you. I am confident your Moms are smiling down on you today on the person you have become and your impact on others.

As I get older, I realize their significance in our lives.

Moms matter for many reasons. They are a source of unconditional love and support, providing comfort and assurance in times of need. The one person that could make me feel better when I was sick or sad was my Mom. Reflecting on my life in those moments, I always felt better knowing my Mom was by my side.

Moms matter because they represent strength and stability in our lives. From early childhood, moms are our first teachers and guides, nurturing us with love, discipline, and lessons that will help shape us into confident, capable adults.

One lesson Mom Thal taught me was the ability to be independent and take care of yourself. She taught us the importance of financially taking care of ourselves, including getting a good education and job, giving the employer more than expected, and Being a great friend! This was her number one goal for all our children.

Moms matter because they are the cornerstone of families, providing a steady and reliable presence throughout life’s challenges. They are our biggest supporters, always offering encouragement and guidance as we strive to reach our goals.

Mom Thal has been by my side through the good and the challenging situations.

Moms provide security and assurance that they will support and see us through no matter what lies ahead.

Moms matter because they give us the tools to navigate life’s problems. They offer guidance, support, and advice to help us make meaningful decisions and cope with difficult situations. Moms provide emotional support and understanding, allowing us to work through anger, sadness, loneliness, and fear. Moms are conflict resolutionists. They show us how to deal with conflict and find solutions for us.

Moms matter because they love us unconditionally, no matter our path. They are our biggest cheerleaders, lifting us up when needed and helping to build our confidence and self-esteem.

Moms make sacrifices. Rarely putting themselves first. I see it daily with my sisters, friends, and the women I work with who give endless hours of time and energy to improve their kids’ lives.

Moms matter because they provide a deep and lasting connection between ourselves, our families, and our friends. They give us a sense of belonging and security, teaching us the importance of forging meaningful relationships.

This is the great lesson I learned from my Mom. I witnessed the countless friendships she developed with all the people at UC Health and her deep connections with her friends. At 92, some of her dearest friends have passed, and she still shares those heart-connection moments she experienced.

Moms are irreplaceable and an invaluable part of our lives. From the moment we are born until the day we depart this earth, their love is a constant source of strength and comfort that can help guide us through life’s journey. No matter the circumstances, moms always matter in our lives.

So I am asking you to join me in putting down your phones, call or sit with your Mom and let her know how much you appreciate all she did and has done for you. You may have had some challenging moments, but that is life.

I am forever grateful for My Mom.
She impacted and shaped my life.
Her life Matters!

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