Time is Money!

Lisa Thal

Maximize Your Time and Focus on Making Money!

As the saying goes, Time is money! You have limited Time to make sales as a salesperson, so finding ways to maximize your Time and focus on money-making activities is essential.

Before I share tips on how to maximize your Time each day, I wanted to spend some time focusing on you.

How do you feel about yourself? Because I can list all the tips to save you Time and help you be more productive throughout the day. But the day starts with how you feel—the direction and actions you will take.

It could be the most critical TIME in your day. I highly recommend that you start your day with this morning routine. It will help you set your mindset for the day before diving into your business activities.

Let’s look at the word TIME.

The goal is to schedule 3-15 minutes a day for you! Begin by walking through this process.

Thankful – Think about something you are grateful for today, not just a general topic. Not generic that anyone can be grateful for, but specific to you. I am thankful for the blue sky; my family is too generic. Trying to be more precise, I am grateful that I can talk to my mom every Morning, my sisters, that I spend Time running my fur kids, and my conversations each Morning with the love of my life, Olivia.

Insight – Learn something new and gain new insights. You can perhaps listen to your favorite Podcasts or audiobooks or read something that will inspire you.

Meditation – Our days have multiple deadlines and timelines. So we must find better ways to slow the mind. Meditations like Walking and breathing-focused movement can help.

For more examples https://mindworks.org/blog/different-types-meditation-technique/

Exercise – Everyone needs to keep moving. Take your fur kids for a walk or Play with your kid’s yard. Incorporate scheduled Time to go for a 5-15 minute walk. Make it fun and something you look forward to.

Now let’s shift gears to tips to help you save Time and be more productive.

Set Goals and Objectives
Setting specific daily goals and objectives is the best way to maximize your Time. It helps keep you focused and ensures you are accomplishing things that will help you reach your goal of making more money. It also helps ensure you are not wasting valuable Time on activities that don’t contribute directly to earning more money. Make sure your goals are realistic and measurable so that you can track your progress.

Organize Your Day
Organizing your day is vital to maximizing your Time and focusing on money-making activities. It means developing a plan for how to use all the available hours in the day, including when you start work, take breaks, have client meetings, etc. A focused strategy will help keep you focused and lets you stay on top of tasks without getting overwhelmed or side-tracked. It also ensures that all your energy is devoted to the most critical tasks first.

Utilize Technology
Utilizing technology is another excellent way to maximize your time as a salesperson by automating processes or freeing up more daily hours so you can spend more face time with your clients. Automating emails or scheduling meetings can save valuable minutes throughout the day, which you can spend doing other money-making activities. For example, using customer relationship management software can help streamline lead tracking.

Get Grammarly, a software tool to ensure your emails have the right tone, clarity, proper grammar and punctuation, and spelling.

How can AI help your sales?
The increased insights and flexibility AI generates allow sellers to tailor messaging and proposals and implement account-based marketing and account-based selling. In addition to helping you sell more, thoughtfully applied AI can help move customer relationships to a higher level. AI tools like Chatgpt, Jasper AI, and Hubspot are great tools to save Time.

Your Time is money!
Time is our most valuable tool, especially for salespeople with limited daily hours, to generate revenue for their companies and themselves. I hope these tips can help you maximize your Time to focus on money-making activities such as prospecting for new customers, closing deals, or following up with existing clients.

Time is money, so use yours wisely!

If you have the Time, could you do me a favor? Please share this article with someone you think could benefit.

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