Think Like a Celebrity, Convert More Sales

Lisa Thal

Think Like a Celebrity, Convert More Sales

We did everything right. We prospected the right target for our station, provided market research to support why advertising on the radio would be a great business decision for them, and we even created an award-winning commercial campaign to position them as a market leader. In our minds, the client will want to get started ASAP. However, we find ourselves in a waiting pattern, as the client says, “I need to think about.”

Converting the client from prospect to close might be one of the most frustrating phases in sales. We invested so much time prospecting, calling to schedule a meeting and presenting a thoughtful plan only to have to wait. Now, what do you do? My advice is to get creative and start thinking like someone else. Here’s a fun exercise to do in your next sales meeting. Ask each seller to create a list of pending accounts that have not yet converted and add up how much money is just waiting to convert. Next, ask your team to think about their best client and how using radio has helped their business. Now the fun begins! Spend the next three minutes in an open forum having each seller share their client’s success. Finally, hand out index cards with various celebrities, sports stars, business leaders or politicians with different views. Some thought starters include Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Michael Phelps, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Ellen and Thomas Edison. Each seller selects a card and becomes that person in order to share how their celebrity would recommend converting the customer.

Here are 3 additional steps to help you convert more sales.

  1. Build Rapport. Relationship is key. If we don’t match and mirror and really listen to the prospect we will be challenged. The tone and volume of our voice and the pace at which we speak can impact how we relate to our clients. Let’s use dating as an example. You either feel chemistry or don’t. There will be no second date or in our case no next appointment unless you establish rapport. In fact, one of the best ways to improve our conversions is through referrals! We must tap into those that we have established rapport with and who relate to us. We have someone else championing and recommending us, so let’s capitalize on that!
  2. Add more value. We need to discover the client’s motivation. I encourage you to ask the client what’s important to them when working with a company and what’s their timeline? We need to be resourceful and share advantages to match what’s important to the client. Share successful case studies and you will help them feel more confident about doing business with your company.
  3. Convert! Ask the client if they are ready to move forward with your program and if not, what other information you can provide them with to get this program started. If they ask for more time to think about what you presented, you may still need to provide more value. If they insist on having more time to think about your proposal, then allow them the time. Something I’d say in this case is, “I know you’re extremely busy, is there a day or time that works best for a follow up call?” You could also ask the client to share their timeline and who else would be involved in approving the program.

It’s up to you to find a way to convert your prospects. ABC, always be converting!

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