The Power of Teamwork!

Lisa Thal

Image from Ryder Cup 2016

How did Team USA beat Europe in the Ryder Cup? They understood the importance that We’re Better Together! Team Work!

As most of you know, I love golf! I love playing, competing, and watching golf. Many of you joined me in watching the Ryder Cup, Cheering the US team to victory over Europe.

The Ryder Cup has become one of the world’s most incredible sporting events. Twenty-four of the best players from Europe and the United States go head-to-head in match play competition every two years. Drama, tension, outstanding golf, camaraderie, and sportsmanship are displayed, captivating millions of us worldwide.

Just like the Ryder Cup, we, too, play for something every day. We play to win and make a difference in our customer’s lives.

Great teams have great leaders.
The Ryder Cup has Team Captains. Each team Captain gets the opportunity to coach twelve players. Determine which of their two players best match up against Europes best two. If you’re a manager, you hired your players to play for your companies Team. You have the opportunity to match your player’s talents with other players on your team and with the best fit for your customers.

Team Worker Makes the Dream Work!
For a company to be successful, it takes a cohesive team. A team that inspires others to do more for others than themselves. They understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. In sales, it’s a game of you understanding your role while supporting others on the team.

Brian Tracy, a greatly respected author a business expert, had this observation on the importance of being able to be a good team member: “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’

Who represents your team?
One of the biggest takeaways from the Ryder Cup for me is the makeup of a team. For Team USA, the players are a mix of Rookies ( 1st Time playing in the Ryder Cup), like Tony Finau, Daniel Berger, Scheffler, and Schauffele. Then you have your Veterans, experience players like Jordan, Justin, Johnson, and Koepka.

As a manager or coach, it is vital to understand every member of your team. Every sales team consists of individuals with different strengths.
Each team member has varying skills and wills they bring each day. The goal for you is to understand where they are today and where they need to go and guide them there. Be open and listen to the entire team. I have experienced that The newest team members have new ideas and different outlooks that can bring a unique perspective or way of doing business. The experienced team members share a different perspective as well. They have been there and can share things they have learned that can bring a learning experience.

Great teams never stop learning.
In golf, you get to learn from every shot you take. You intend to hit the perfect shot each time. But let’s face it, you miss a few. The same applies to sales. Successful sales teams thrive in environments where they continually learn and are encouraged to seek knowledge. Consistently effective sales teams are always up-to-date with comprehensive product knowledge, they practice and role-play sales call before they happen, and they’re always learning better ways to do things, so they’re at the top of their game.

Great teams communicate and collaborate.
The best sales teams communicate with each other. Teams that communicate and collaborate build team rapport and ensure everyone is on the same page collaborate by sharing advice, overcoming obstacles, and providing genuine support. It’s always helpful to get multiple perspectives on a particular sales challenge.

Great teams know what they are playing for every day.
The Ryder Cup players have a goal to win. They know precisely how many points the US Team needs, which is 14.5, to hold the Ryder Cup to share with all of us. Each member knows what they have to do, and so should each team member on your team. Does your team have clear and transparent goals? Find a way to get your team to rise to the occasion of doing something no other team has done. Most salespeople I know love a challenge and the opportunity to be a part of some historic ” It’s never been done” moment. Set stretch goals and start making history with your sales team.

Great teams like to celebrate their successes.
The phrase work hard and play hard applies to successful teams. Taking the time to recognize accomplishments creates better energy within the workplace and has a more significant effect on motivating the team to better their efforts.

So, I ask you to join me in recruiting outstanding talent and building a solid team to represent you and your company. Find the players that have the Will and the Skill to take your team to the next level!

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