The Formula for Winning Every Day!

Lisa Thal

The Formula for Winning Every Day!

How do you create a productive week, month, and year? You start by focusing on one day at a time. The equalizer is that each of us has the same 1,440 minutes each day. How productive we are will depend on how we spend those minutes. We have the opportunity to create small wins, all of which create momentum that turns into big days. How will you take advantage of your day?

Here are 5 thought-starters to help you create winning days:

  1. Create a winning routine. How do you start your day? Consider getting up to make your bed, meditate, work out and fuel your body with better foods and you have already won before you even get to work! My morning routine includes feeding my 3 pups, drinking coffee, meditating and taking my dogs for a run. My daily routine creates balance and energy for the day. If you’re not a morning person, what are you doing to win during the day or at the end of the day? Perhaps it is one more call to set the meeting or one more idea to share with a new prospect.
  2. You can’t do everything today, but you can get started on one thing. You have plans, and you have goals to achieve, but you have nothing until you actually do something. Pick one plan, one goal, or one idea and get started. The first step is by far the hardest.
  3. Do something others are not willing to do. It can be small. Whatever it is, just do it. Make it a ritual to do one thing each day that others are afraid to start. After some time, you will develop more determination, willpower and confidence.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone. Fear is the most common factor that holds us back. Commit to doing something that will stretch you out of your comfort zone. You will gain confidence from the experience and realize the experience wasn’t as scary as the scenario you created in your mind. Call the client sitting on your prospect list today. Ask for a referral from one of your best clients today.
  5. Win with Persistence. Out-hustle everyone. Start your day knowing that it’s your will, not necessarily your skill, that can make a major impact on your day. Approach your day by strategically targeting one task that must get completed versus a wish list of items you hope to accomplish.

The game plan I created for winning the day is below. I find my days are more productive and I am more focused on creating better results for my business when I take these steps:.
• I begin my workday by meeting with my one of my salespeople to review their business needs and see how I can help move their business forward.
• I schedule a meeting with a new prospect or attend a call with my sales team. This gives me a chance to connect with my salesperson and help create revenue for our company. These meetings may be lunches or golf to further build our relationships.
• I schedule a meeting with a client currently doing business with us, focusing on our top-spending clients who generate the most revenue. I share an idea or research that can help them.
• I block out time on my calendar to return emails and phone calls.

What will you do differently every day to win? It is up to you!

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