The Formula for Sales Productivity

Lisa Thal

Learn the formula to be more productive in sales!

We are mid-way through our year or, for some, finishing your year, and I have a question for you? Are you on track to exceed your revenue goals? Will your team exceed its revenue goals if you are an owner or manager?

Yes, we access each month whether we meet or exceed our goals. Are you making shifts to make sure you’re doing the right activities each day to assure you will have success?

We are doing mid-year reviews with our team members to discuss any shifts they think they need to make to stay on the path to success. We are trying to determine if they are doing the right activities to be more Productive vs. busy. We can fall into the trap of thinking we are so busy at the end of each day, only to discover we were not doing the right activities to move our business forward.

The Companies and sales teams that perform consistently do the right activities each day. If you manage a team and notice one of your team members not meeting expectations, what advice do you give them? I hear most of you saying they need to make more calls? Yes, that may be true. Do you know the exact number of calls? How many proposals? What investment level? What is their closing ratio for each team member?

It can be very frustrating at the end of the week to see if you were so busy with emails and other tasks that you missed the opportunity to protect and grow your business and your income. Yes, the more data you have on how to coach your team, the better. What I know for sure is that what you do each day matters. Taking action each day creates a compounding impact on your business. The book Atomic Habits re-enforces this theory that doing something each day will make that winning habit for yourself.

The Formula for Productivity is Win the Day! I learned this simple yet effective strategy from the Center for Sales Strategy team. The goal is to be focused each day on activities that can be more productive and effective for your business.

I love this because it allows your seller to own and win their day. Yes, you have opportunities to go on calls in the field with them and coach them. But your calendar may not allow you to be with them every day.

The formula, Win The Day, has your seller focus their time and efforts on what they need to do to create new business and grow their current account list.

Below is an example for you to use as a guideline. A PDF version is at the bottom.

Every day is its own day. You cannot bank points and you cannot make up points.
The Goal is 60 points per day… not 300 points per week

The goal is to earn 60 points a day by doing various activities, Productive activities that help your business, not just busywork. The seller gets to choose, and it will be challenging the first few days as you ask your seller to shift their focus. It’s important to note that your seller can’t make the points up in the week, 60 a day and 300 by Friday!

Sales is a numbers game, but what you focus on, you get! I love this formula because it gives focus and control to the salesperson. It creates a road map to successful behaviors that require action.

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