Never Underestimate Yourself

Lisa Thal

Have you ever been told not to sell yourself short? We all know that doing so would mean that you were underestimating your abilities and that your confidence wouldn’t be where it should be. Perhaps you developed this habit through time, and you were not even aware of it. Underestimating yourself may have developed early in your life. For example, you were not raising your hand in school if you knew the answers or being afraid to share your ideas with others at work or in sales meetings. Why because you may have the fear others would not like or approve of your concepts. So you sit back and let others speak up and share their ideas. Each time you give in to underestimating yourself, you are reinforcing the notion that you and your views are not good enough, that you’re not capable enough.

So how can you stop underestimating yourself? You start by reflecting on the times you did succeed. We all have something we have succeeded in doing. We all have succeeded in earning our first job. Yes, we were competing against others. I am sure there was something you shared that made the difference. If you’re in sales, can you recall your first sale? Or better yet, the strategic ideas you created to get in front of the client for the first time. You can use these experiences to reinforce that you are capable of achieving great things.

We all have the ability and power to do anything, with action steps, of course. Many of you listening that are in sales may have told yourself you can’t call on new clients during this COVID 19 period. I say why not; never underestimate how you could provide solutions to a business problem. You may discover, their current provider has not reached out to them. I mean a great opportunity. So never underestimate how important your vision, your ideas, your beliefs can provide. We need to get out of our heads and into our hearts. It will be your passion to help others.

Heres something else to consider. Stop comparing yourself to other people. We each have our talents and abilities to offer. When you underestimate yourself, you limit your life experiences. You hold yourself back from accomplishing your goal, and you find reasons not to move forward. As a leader, creating an environment that encourages everyone to share their thoughts will give you access to some potentially fresh and powerful ideas. We need to be careful not to underestimate others.

I was thinking about my first managers position. I had been in sales for about ten years, and I had no management experience. I was competing against many others who had management experience. It would have been easy for me to dismiss my abilities to lead the team and self-talk myself right out of the position. I approached the opportunity with ideas that could generate revenue primarily from a seller’s perspective. I thought about playing sports growing up and how important each member of the team was. I reinforced my past experiences of success and thought about how I could use those experiences in a Leadership role. I had to believe in myself and my abilities to lead others.

I thought about all the managers that impacted my career. All their redeeming qualities that influenced me throughout my career. I could tap into those great leaders and mentors while adding my thoughts and strategy to impact others. I told myself that if I the opportunity to lead, I would make a difference. I won that opportunity, and I never took it for granted. Each day I gained more confidence from each experience. I learn every day from those I lead. More importantly, I knew I had to believe in my abilities and give myself a chance to step into this role. I am glad I never underestimated myself!

3 tips to encourage your team to share their ideas.

  • How do you encourage others to share their ideas? Perhaps, Asking questions beginning with “What do you think?” will set the stage for your team to discover possible solutions, build confidence, and encourage them to think and share.
  • Is there a platform you can create to tap into ideas from all those on your team?
  • I encourage you to start by writing down one idea that could make a difference in your business? The one idea you have been thinking about and needs a little action behind it.

Just remember, never underestimate what you can accomplish in a day, a week, or a year when you believe in yourself. Think and then have the courage to speak up. Our world needs your ideas and vision.

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