How to Create Your Own Luck

Lisa Thal

How to Create Your Own Luck

“The luck of the Irish” is probably a saying you’ve heard time and time again. The word “luck” centers around good fortune. When you hear the word, you may think of a rainbow leading to a pot of gold, a four-leaf clover, or perhaps St. Patrick’s Day and everything green. If you’re in sales, green is a color that drives you! So, how can you create your own luck and find a way to generate more green?

Here are six habits that can lead you to the pot of gold.

1. Awareness – You must be aware of how much gold you desire. It all starts with visualizing your success. You set your intentions on the outcomes you will achieve.

2. Look for gold every day – Devote time to prospecting each day through all your social networks like friends, referrals, Linkedin, and Facebook. It’s critical to add these connections to your calendar each day so you can help grow their business. It’s rare that clients seek us out, so we need to initiate the valid business reason of why they should allow us time to meet.

3. Focus – You must focus on your results. What you focus on, you find. What do you need to focus on right now to move your business forward? What is one thing you can do to create more luck? If your client is on the fence, ask the client what is keeping them from doing business with you. You will either learn or earn from the response, so you can’t lose!

4. Give your clients gold standard solutions – Become a resource and a solution provider for your clients. Clients buy from those they trust, and they also tend to buy emotionally and back it up with logic. So, how can you solve a prospect or client’s pain points to help them be successful? Provide relevant information or market research that can help improve their market share or move their business forward!

5. Ask for the gold – Most salespeople spend all their time prospecting and building relationships, and never ask to do business with those prospects. Ask for the business! Another recommendation is to ask your current clients for a referral. Only 11% of salespeople ask for referrals, yet 91% of customers would recommend them. This could be the easiest way to your pot of gold! Your best clients know other businesses that you can help. A client referral shortens the selling cycle, since you have instant credibility from the recommendation.

6. Strategize to get more green. Once the sale is complete, always follow up. You invested time and energy into gaining this customer. Create a system of touch points so you are still connected to your client.

Remember, The grass is greener where you water it!

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