Grow your revenue in minutes

Lisa Thal

Did you ever hear that your life can change in an instant?

So can your business!

By the end of this article, you will be on your way to creating better habits in minutes.

It centers around step one, which is getting clear on your Identity, whom you want to become, and the steps to supporting that Identity you wish to create for yourself.

Again the first step is Who you want to become, not the what or how. The question is, are you becoming the type of person you want to become? Keep in mind that your habits help you become the type of person you wish to be.

Once you have established who you want to become, we focus on building systems and processes.

I want to share a quote from the book Atomic Habits, “Goals are about the results you want to achieve, systems are about the processes that lead to those results.” “The purpose of setting goals is to accomplish the goal and win the game. The purpose of building systems is to continue playing the game. Ultimately it’s your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.”

You want to focus on building a system and developing a process rather than achieving a goal or an outcome. One of my favorite James Clear quotes is; You don’t rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems.

Your goal is your desired outcome; what is your System for achieving it?

I started to think about how I applied this System and process to achieve a goal. A big goal I set for myself. I decided to write the Three Word Meeting book. My outcome was to publish an easy-to-read book that could inspire the reader and engage their team during their sales meetings using Three Word Topics.

Keep in mind that I did not see myself as an author. I had to create a system or process to write a book. So what I did, I do. I developed a system in which I wrote one chapter each weekend. So I would block out two hours on a Saturday and Sunday morning to write one chapter.

I knew If I started small with a process to capture my thoughts, I would have fifty-two weeks of content to share with you over the next year—the content for the entire book. Each week I wrote a Chapter I supported with evidence of the Identity I wanted to create – Becoming an Author.

The goal is not the thing that makes the difference in your performance; it’s the Systems you follow, the way you prepare for each day, the habits you create.

Making one small change can make a significant impact, for example. In sales, the person who makes one new business call a day or asks for one referral from a happy client creates a better long-term process or habit than someone making thirty calls in one day.

That is why the one person who gets one more task done each day has a tremendous advantage over the other co-workers. It’s the cumulative portion of days, weeks, months, and years over their career that make the difference.

You want to focus on building a system and developing a process rather than achieving a goal or an outcome.

What is your System? Many of you listening are in sales. You understand that creating new relationships and customers are critical to your success. Therefore, you have to do something every day to find those new customers. You can’t just pick one day a month to focus on growing your business and hope for success.

You don’t rise to the level of your goals, and you fall to the level of your systems; habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

So you may be saying, sign me up. But how do I get started, Lisa? The key is when building a new habit and process, try not to start too big. I know the phrase we all have used, ” Go Big or Go Home.” I am suggesting you start small to grow big!

Everyone’s heard things like: start small, baby steps. Crawl before you run. But even when you know you should start small, it’s still easy to start too big. So begin by choosing a habit as easy as possible to perform.

Remember earlier in the podcast; I said your life could change instantly or in minutes, building lasting habits. The Two-Minute Rule states, “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.”

Take that habit and scale it down into two-minutes.

For example:
“Become a seller who exceeds budgets each month” becomes “Calling one new client each day.”
“Become the person that creates more new business” becomes “the person who asks for one referral a day.”
“Become a published author” becomes “Writing for two minutes a day.”
“Become a healthy person” becomes ” Take the steps versus the elevator.”

Let’s recap, and let’s start to build on what we have learned. The goal is to start small! Create a habit that you can build upon to create lasting results for you. Create a two-minute routine each day that supports Who you want to become.

I would love to hear from you. Private message me Whom you have chosen to become and the two-minute habit you’re going to do daily.

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