A gift I did not expect.

Lisa Thal

I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and be grateful for your health, your family, and your friends. Some of us may even go a step further and express our gratitude for our ability to see, hear and touch, or for our freedom of speech, or our ability to work and to love.

The word gratitude means “the feeling of being grateful or thankful.” Most people find it easier to be thankful when everything is going right in their life, but some of my most grateful moments came when things didn’t go as planned.

Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a health issue,  or in business, it could be the loss of an account. These life situations have a way of sneaking up on us, but the real gift comes when you appreciate those teaching moments.

I once experienced a substantial shift in my career when my role with another company ended. They wished me well in my future endeavors, but my service and experience were no longer accepted or needed. I remember that day driving home and wondering what my future would hold for me. I remember feeling a bit angry and disappointed at the time. I recognized that my ego was bruised, but I assured myself that there was a moment of gratitude. I needed to accept it and realize that there was a teaching moment there for me.

I began to let go of the anger and started to ask myself what would be next for me. This all took place in May, and I had the summer to discover my next journey. This was a gift I quickly came to appreciate. During that summer, I learned to swim as an adult, I traveled, I spent more time with family and friends, and I started my journey as a life coach.

I also reconnected with a past employer where I previously worked as an account executive over twenty years prior. An opportunity to coach a team with a new format became available. Years have passed, and I have made new friendships, I’ve met new clients, and I’ve written two books.

What I came to realize is, what appeared to be a hardship in my life turned into a great gift for me. So, when facing challenging moments in your life, keep in mind that life is happening for you, not to you!

Be grateful for every shift in your life!

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