Don’t let your sales go on vacation!

Lisa Thal

Yes, Summer has arrived, but your sales don’t have to.

How does the Summer season impact your sales?
Have you found it even harder to connect with new prospects?
If you’re shaking your head, yes, you are not alone; the Summer presents challenges and opportunities when setting meetings.

Our prospects go on Vacation.
Our calls go unanswered.
Even our LinkedIn requests don’t get accepted as quickly.
It makes our job more difficult when trying to generate sales.

So we need to design a plan around when people are on Vacation.
I researched and discovered that certain weeks are more popular than others.

For example, you can almost guarantee an automated reply the week of July 4th. According to data from Tripadvisor, July and August are the most popular vacation months. Keep this in mind when building your outreach strategy.

I read an article from Emma Brudner from Hubspot, who shared some great tips to get us back on track during the Summer.

Prospect, prospect, prospect.
40% of sales reps agree that prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process- so it’s easy to lose focus. Especially during vacations!
So we can’t let our prospecting go on Vacation. We need to continue to find new customers who are a fit for our product and services.

Add more qualified prospects for you to target.
The secret to beating monthly quotas is maintaining a consistent pipeline of opportunities. Schedule time daily for prospecting in your calendar; think about the best time of the day that they are more likely to answer your calls.

Set Google Alerts
Just because people are on Vacation during the Summer doesn’t mean business stops. If you see relevant news, it gives you another reason to reach out and connect. Set up Google alerts for your prospects’ companies to keep up to date on any significant announcements.

In addition, keep an eye on buyers’ LinkedIn profiles and take note of changes. New title? Updated summary? Send a message and rekindle the conversation.

Seek referrals.
July is a great month to check in with your current clients and see if some other divisions or service lines can use similar help.

Do the work for your client. Look at your best clients’ LinkedIn profiles and identify a few companies you know could benefit from a conversation with you. Ask your client if you can say that they recommended you connect because they are happy with the business results they are getting from your product or service. You will build instant credibility, and it will shorten the sales cycle.

Is there an opportunity to help solve another critical business issue? Any other emerging growth areas that you can help bring a solution. You have already developed credibility and rapport.

Revisit accounts that said no.
Remember no means, Not yet! The prospect who said it wasn’t the right time a few months ago? Well, it just might be the right time now. Is there research or a relevant success story that would be important for this client? Are there other business needs that have arisen since your last conversation? Call with a purpose to see if they are on track with their business goals?

Go on Vacation.
We deserve and have earned a vacation. So make sure you take some time off. For maximum vacation restoration, leave your laptop behind and turn your cell phone off.

There are business opportunities around you while you’re on Vacation. I have met new prospects at the hotel, pool, and golf course. Everyone is in a great mood, and conversations flow, just like their favorite beverages.

Create a Summer Incentive
Every business goes through a slower sales period. Create a fun incentive that can inspire your team to make that extra call on new prospects to help their sales.

Ideas could include:
Tickets to the Hottest Summer Concert
Tickets to Summer Theme Parks
Tickets to Sporting events
Tickets to a Comedy Club
Dinner at a Hot restaurant
Summer Spa day retreat
Suppose you don’t have the resources to buy the incentives. Offer extra days off work, or they get to work remotely every Monday or Friday if that is not a current option.

All this talk about Vacation has me excited about booking my next trip. So I will leave you with aloha.

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