8 Tips To Be In The Top 1% Of Sales

Lisa Thal

8 Tips To Be In The Top 1% Of Sales

Are you the top revenue producer on your team? How about in the market? In business and sales, it’s all about stringing wins together. Here are eight traits that the top 1% do every day:

Own their day. The top 1% of sellers spend their time being productive. They create a daily schedule of action items they know will convert to sales. They delegate non-sales tasks to others to stay focused on meeting with current prospects and growing new customers.

Learn from their losses. Winners know that if they fall short in winning the business, they will learn why they fell short. They do this by asking their prospect something like, “I know I didn’t earn your business this time. Can I ask you a question? What kept us from working together?” If you get that answer, then you win valuable information that can help you moving forward. You understand that earning the sale is a process.

Believe in themselves. They have a confident attitude. You get to decide the attitude you bring to the office and your clients. Great salespeople think they can do anything. They create a mental advantage over others. They look for solutions to clients’ needs and, in most cases, deliver on them. Winners always persevere!

Influence others. They can persuade people in a positive manner and position situations in their favor. They work to understand what their customers are saying and communicate in ways that lead them to the sale.

Ask great questions. The first question they ask is, how much time do you have allocated for us? They understand time is everything. They ask the client to explain their customer journey to gain a better understanding of their customer’s needs. They ask more effective questions to help the client with their biggest challenge. Asking more effective questions helps them provide better solutions.

Be a team player. Winning salespeople have a competitive spirit! They excel in a culture that supports each other, understanding that each has a role on the team. They notice when other team members may be down and find a way to pick them up.

Are results oriented. The best salespeople are proactive, not reactive. They identify and then act to remove obstacles in their way. They always have a strategy and then follow through on it. This process comes naturally to them. They have a mental toughness and a will to win.

Schedule time for themselves. Top sellers understand that it is critical to schedule time for themselves. They know that to have the energy needed to perform at a high level, they need plenty of sleep, exercise, and nutrition to have the power needed each day. They thrive participating in other activities like golf, biking, yoga, or meditation.

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