7 Powerful questions to ask yourself about this year!

Lisa Thal

We are days away from the new year. I think it is so important that we pause and reflect on the year. The time of year to reflect and gain perspective on what you discovered, learned, and connected to you.

Questions can help design the new year! Taking that time to pause and reflect is so powerful. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts ‘On Purpose” by Jay Shetty, where he shared seven powerful questions you can ask yourself before the year ends.

The questions help you get a clear insight into how this year went, the ups and downs, the special moments, and the things you might want to do away with or carry into next year. I spent time answering the seven questions over the holidays and thought you might find them helpful.

7 Powerful questions to reflect on and end the year with confidence.

What is the challenge that you’ve overcome this year? What was something difficult you did or a breakthrough? Maybe something was holding you back, and you did it. It doesn’t have to be significant. A follow-up question is, what did you learn from it? What did it teach you or your takeaway? I Experienced Vertigo. I woke up with the room spinning and not able to stand up. I had a strange ear infection that caused it. My takeaway from experiencing Vertigo is that I have compassion for those dealing with this all year. It reiterated to me that our health is everything!

What’s a surprise you dealt with this year? Something you were not expecting. The reason is that studies show that reflecting on how you have overcome past challenges helps you process negative experiences in the future. You gain confidence that you navigated through a challenging experience, which will help you face future setbacks. Our dog Dakota passed away unexpectedly. I realized how much joy and happiness our fur kids give us. How heart-connected we are to our pets. How much unconditional love they give us every day.

What is something you bought this year? A tangible thing you bought this year that you love. What did you invest in for yourself? What did you spend money on that made you happy? Something simple I bought was Vurio joggers. Life-changing comfort, and I highly recommend them. Something else I bought was golf lessons. Thank you, Ashley, from Golf Tec, for helping me perfect my golf swing and putting stroke. I shot several times in the 70s because of our sessions. Let’s celebrate what we spend money on that makes our lives more enjoyable.

What’s the best book/podcast you read/listened to? My favorite book of the year was Peak Mind by Amishi Jha. She teaches you how to find your focus in a world of distractions. My favorite podcasts are On Purpose with Jay Shetty and Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. They teach valuable lessons about health, relationships, leadership, and how we impact others. I love these podcasts because they open my worldview and make me think about my life.

What are your blind spots for next year? We maybe go into recession next year. What can you do today to help you? It enables you to prepare versus avoiding what could happen next year. I know I can’t control the economy, but I can control my Behavior and attitude daily. I want to focus on what is possible for our sales team and me. I want to support them. I would also add health again. What can you do each day to live a healthy life?

What made you the happiest this year?
It is crucial because we tend to focus on challenging times and lose sight of happy ones. When we actively seek out these happy moments and celebrate them, they connect to our hearts and become points of inspiration in our lives. The Bengals made it to the Superbowl, which made me happy. Hikes in the woods with Liv and our fur kids. Time with each other talking and appreciating the sounds and smells of nature. Our girl’s trips to Hocking Hills and dinners together made me happy. Days of laughing, connecting away from the day-to-day demands. The time spent connecting with these fantastic ladies brings me happiness and gratitude.

Who’s the person you couldn’t have gotten through this year without? From a work perspective Christine Mello, with whom I co-manage the team. I can’t imagine this past year without her: her wisdom, support, in it together, and friendship. My wife, Olivia, is so important to me. Liv deeply knows me and my heart. She supports my vision of becoming a better version of myself. Life is better with Liv! It’s great to reflect on those who love you profoundly and impact your life. They may not even realize the impact they had on your year. Maybe call or write them a note saying how grateful you are for them.

These questions, I hope you gain insights into the past year. Thought-provoking questions to verify the challenges you overcame because it gives you strength to overcome future challenges. The surprises you dealt with, so you will be better prepared for future surprises. What you spend your money on will remind you where to invest your money. What brought you joy and happiness? What book or podcast you listen to will help you continue your journey of personal growth. Knowing your blind spots prepares you for the future. What made you happy this year is a great reminder to keep doing those things and keep prioritizing those things. Who’s that person that you couldn’t live without this year?

I am so grateful to you. Thanks for sharing your time with me. I hope you will take the time to reflect on the past year and all you have experienced, learned, overcome, and inspired you.

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