7 Goal-Setting Secrets

Lisa Thal

We are in February, and it’s the death of your goals month! See, what happens is we get fired up in January to tackle those New years goals. The question is can you answer what goals you set for yourself this year? Most will struggle, remembering them. February is the month you fuel your goals and dreams, or you could be setting yourself up for a repeat of the prior year.

So let me ask you a question. Are you climbing or sliding towards your goals and dreams?

I want to make sure your climbing. This is the Year you experience growth, contribution, financial freedom, better health, better relationships, more certainty in your life and business. The question is, are you ready for your next level? Your best Year? Is it time to Clear the Fear?

The best advice is to remember Success doesn’t typically happen overnight. The little things aren’t the big things. The little things are everything! Success comes from stacking the little things—the compounding effect of your efforts.

7 Big goal-setting secrets you can implement today.

1.What are your goals? The goals you set for the Year. Better Health, more meaningful relationships, improve your business? How much income do you want to generate? Get clear on what you want.

2. Visualize it’s One Year from today. It’s February 2, 2022. I want you to visualize that all your goals came true. You blew your revenue goals away. You made more money this year than any other year. You are in the best shape of your life. In a meaningful and loving relationship. How do you feel? More alive? More Confident? Happy? Get excited about your future, remember life goes fast.

3. What are the emotions you would feel? Your business is thriving. Are you feeling more in control? Financially Free? Life with Purpose? Impacting others on a larger scale? Remember when you got your first job? First relationship? First Sale? You felt amazing, In control, powerful, and you went for it. You wanted to make a more significant impact on others. You were emotionally engaged.

4. Move Away or Move Towards something? Many of you listening do things based on avoiding pain. You move away from something uncomfortable. Move away from your job or an aspect of your job, something you think will cause you pain. Picking up the phone and talking with new clients, doing the work to grow your business. Others move towards a bigger future. You know there’s more to life. So where are you? and Think about if one Year from now nothing changed with your life and business. How do you feel? Are you angry, disappointed, sucks, shame? Stop prolonging your future and create a Fear of staying where you are. Clear the Fear.

5. Let’s get clear on Fear? What are your biggest obstacles standing in your way? Think of that one word that is blocking you from success. Do you want to make more sales, but? Do you want to be in better shape but? Do you want more meaningful relationships but. Most of us would say that one word is Fear, failing, rejection, or worse, being judged. Think about this- your afraid to fail- but by not taking action, your failing! I was scared to fail, so I didn’t do anything. UGH. I want you to remember this, your next level of life is on the other side of what you fear the most. Create a fear of staying where you are today to move you towards your dreams and goals.

6. How do you want to be remembered? There is another level of life. What type of character do you want to be known for? At the end of your life, you are getting ready to make your transition, and five people are around you. What would you want them to say about you? So glad Lisa played small. She didn’t go after her dreams. Lisa lived a good life. Seemed Happy, seemed satisfied. Or Lisa was focused, she went for it. She loved investing in herself, impacting others. Yeah, she fell short at times but kept moving forward learning, and growing. She was grateful for every experience. She didn’t take her life for granted. She was optimistic, supportive and you could count on her. She took uncomfortable action, and yes, she cleared the Fear.

7. Create a compelling future. How do you restart today? How do you restate your goals today? How do you rewrite your future today? You have to look forward and get emotionally engaged. Craft your compelling future. Who are you meant to be? Who are you designed to be? Realize the setbacks, the disappointments happen, and you say thank you. You understand that Circumstances don’t predict your future – your perception, emotions behind the circumstances, predict your future.

I am challenging you to create that compelling future and look at it every day. If you want something bad enough, you can achieve it. Focus on the small steps- progress, start today at this moment. I know you have more to give, more to live to your full potential. No regrets, and Clear The Fear!

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