3 Steps to Fight Through Rejection

Lisa Thal

3 Steps to Fight Through Rejection

We put a lot of negative weight on failure in our culture, but here’s what’s interesting: contrary to popular belief, successful salespeople will tell you that their success is not tied to repeatedly winning. They frame their success as repeatedly trying something, even if that attempt fails. Think about Thomas Edison; he attempted to create the light bulb more than a thousand times. Most people would’ve quit at ten—or fewer, but Edison believed that our minds are capable of anything, so failure was only the motivation to try new approaches. Steve Jobs was fired by Apple, the company he turned into a dynasty. He found that the setback allowed him to tap into one of the most creative periods of his life.

When my position managing a group of radio stations was eliminated, I thought my twenty-year career in broadcasting was coming to an end. I loved the industry and was driven by coaching others. I remember driving home in the rain that day wondering what would be in store for me. My mindset could have been defeat, disappointment, or anger, but I had a feeling of calmness and trust that everything is in its divine order. I had a non-compete clause that allowed me ninety days to discover whether I would remain in media or explore another career path.

I decided to get certified as a life coach and soon after, I received a call from a company that I’d worked for eighteen years before saying they had a management opportunity available at a radio station coaching a sales team of six. I accepted the opportunity and finished my certification to become a life coach. Becoming a life coach helped me better understand myself and how I could develop into a better leader. I wrote a book, Three Word Meetings, to help other sales managers engage, empower and inspire in their sales meetings. I often reflect on how grateful I am for what appeared to be a setback but turned out to be an amazing gift. I was able to rise again with more clarity and confidence.

Here are 3 steps to fight through rejection and rise up:

  1. Keep moving forward. Accept the fact that sales are a process. The real benefits come from each client you meet, even the ones that say no to doing business with you today. Always ask clients that say no, “What is keeping us from doing business today?”
  2. Stay Positive. When you stay positive, you will have an open mind and be open to different solutions and possibilities.
  3. Believe in yourself. There is one person you can count on every day, and that is you. Embrace each experience as a gift and celebrate all the wins you created along the way.

Be open to learning through all your experiences. You should welcome them as gifts and say thank you! Each setback will lead you to a path of success!

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