Six Ideas to attract new clients!

Lisa Thal

Are you looking for a way to attract new clients?

What if they found you?

Prospecting! I think I heard some of you say, Ugh.
What if there was a better way to gain new clients? Everyone agrees they want to use the most effective and effortless process to gain new clients. Yes, sign me up; your saying.

The reality is that our business success depends on this one word – Prospecting! Find clients that we can help. This step takes a winning mindset, focus, and a system to get in front of our best prospects.

We want to identify the clients that match our company profile of success and stop targeting those that don’t so we are not wasting valuable time.

If your job is to generate leads, below are six ideas to help you get in front of the client faster than your competitor.

Yes, there are many ways to prospect new clients. Pick up the phone and call someone. Target your competitor’s key accounts and find a way to engage them with your company. Referrals are a tremendous prospecting opportunity if you ask your best clients and the fastest business conversions.

In the end, people buy from those they are more familiar with, like, and trust.

Here are six ideas that you can implement to attract new clients.

  1. Establish yourself as a thought leader
    By establishing yourself as a thought leader or subject matter expert in your industry, you can show your credibility and trust before reaching out to new prospects.

For example, suppose you’re in Marketing. You can write an article or post a blog on Linkedin with tips on how to better market your company, post a video that you believe can help companies save time when marketing, write guest articles for industry publications and speak at trade shows and conferences. Be a guest on a business podcast that gives you more exposure to new companies.

Make comments, and share or like the content on your prospect’s Linkedin or social channels. They will become more familiar with your name and company. Use five or more words to help your Linkedin Selling Index score when commenting.

  1. Be a resource.
    To be successful in sales, you have to do more than sell your product or service. You want to provide research and ideas to help solve their most significant business needs. Become a solution provider versus a salesperson.

You will likely gain referrals when you solve your client’s most significant business need.

  1. Use video.
    Capture the prospect’s attention by adding “video” in the subject line and including a thumbnail image that links to the video. Use it to introduce yourself, provide additional content, or use to humanize your brand. Video is also great to recap your discovery calls as well.

4. Host a webinar.
Webinars can create leads for you because you know the attendees have a demonstrated interest in the topic. Not sure you can do a webinar on your own? Think about Partnering with another organization in your industry to host a webinar on a mutually beneficial topic.

After the webinar, poll your audience to see who’s ready to learn more about your product/service. Consider a polling form that asks them to answer “Yes” or “No” to statements like “I’m ready to learn more,” or “I’d like to learn more about [Three Word Meetings.].”

You now have a lead list! Follow up with those who responded positively to your poll or post-webinar survey within 24 hours, and schedule time for them to learn more. And don’t give up on those who said they weren’t yet ready to buy. Remember, no, means Not Yet!
Stay in touch over the next few months to see if their buying position changes.

  1. Network with a purpose
    Attend networking events that allow you to connect with the right people. Identify why people are attending a particular event or conference. If the agenda has topics relevant to your ideal customer, or if someone attending is from a company you are targeting, then attend that event.

Once you identify the events that will give you the most significant ROI, map out which sessions you’ll attend and which happy hours or networking events make sense.

  1. Answer questions on Q&A forums.
    Seek ways to engage your prospects on trends and best practices in your industry — and eventually educate them on your product.
    Online forums, like LinkedIn Groups, allow like-minded people to post questions to the group members or audience and source answers from experts in the field. Join these platforms, and build trust and expertise.

Successful people do things that other sellers are not willing to do.
The question is, What are you willing to do?

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