Redefine Your Failures

Lisa Thal

How do you define your Failures?

Why does the word Failure impact us emotionally?
It questions our self-worth and our contributions and feels awful. No one says, celebrating, Hello World, I failed today. The question is, Why? Years of programming our minds to accept that Failure is terrible vs. good.

Let me start by saying that today is the day you can Redefine how you look at failing! A Bold claim but true! It begins with our Mindset and how we view all our experiences. We can consider things that are happening To us or For us. I like to think that all of my experiences, good and bad, are learning opportunities.

It is happening for me, not to me.

Here are a few common themes that lead us down a path of Failure.


One of the most common personal failures is procrastination, leading to missed opportunities, unfinished tasks, and poor time management. Procrastination can drive fear, lack of motivation, or other factors and hinder personal growth and progress.

Poor communication:

Miscommunication or lack of communication can be a personal failure that impacts relationships or work performance. Effective communication is essential for building positive relationships, understanding others, and achieving goals.


Another personal failure individuals can experience is inflexibility, resulting in missed opportunities, an inability to adapt to change, or a lack of innovation. Being adaptable and open to new ideas and perspectives is critical for personal and professional growth.

We all will face difficult situations and setbacks throughout our personal and business life, and how we respond will be the difference. I was listening to a podcast where Trent Shelton, who played in the NFL, shared how to shift your Mindset when facing Failure.

You can have a mindset that can be a Prisoner or Power perspective. Prisoners focus on Why. Why did this happen to me? Power perspective is saying. All things are working on our behalf. Thank you for the experience.

We must understand that for things to get better, we must get better.
Are you maybe saying, Lisa, all I have to do is change my perspective, and I will stop failing? We all will face disappointments and setbacks. What I am saying is that your viewpoint will define each moment.

There are three questions, yes three, which will help you gain perspective and help you move forward when failing.

How am I going to respond?
How we respond to Failure is the first step. Take control and respond with Power and a thank you. Find something good from that situation that serves you. Our perspective will define how we view those experiences and what we learn. Did we regard it as a disaster or someone else’s fault, or are we grateful for the experience to learn and find a way to be grateful?

What does this mean to me?
Power perspective is what to ask yourself what does this mean to me? How am I going to use this experience to gain perspective?

How will I use this?
How will you use this experience to keep moving forward?
A simple shift in this phrase can give you perspective and control of each situation. Instead of saying what this means, ask yourself what is this going to mean? It allows us to figure out something better. You have an opportunity to create something better.

Shifting your perspective allows You to take Power out of this situation and put the Power in your life. So keep failing forward!

So to get where you are and where you want to be, our current plan may not work. We sit in fear. Now is the time to take bold action, gain new perspectives and take that uncomfortable action.

Live into your Heart!

There are moments when we maintain control and shift. Other times, outside forces are so strong that they make us shift. Keep making shifts and become that person you want to be! You know you’re meant for more and want to control your future, not let someone else.

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