Month: April 2018

The One Account


The One Account Last week I was heading to get a massage from my sister and I received a text from a friend to give him a call. The sun was shining, and the music was turned up, and I decided to return the call. What I found out though, was a dear friend of… continue reading »

How to Master Consistency


How to Master Consistency The Master’s Golf Tournament signifies the beginning of golf season, but it also represents what it takes to win the green jacket and that is consistency! This tradition is unlike anything else. Over the four-day period, we watched the top golfers in the world compete. On Sunday, Patrick Reed and Rory… continue reading »

Three Ways to Grow Your Business


Three Ways to Grow Your Business Spring has arrived, and wouldn’t it be nice if we could simple sprinkle a little water on each of our accounts and then watch them blossom into wondrous money trees? If only it were that easy. One thing our clients do have in common with plants and trees is… continue reading »