Month: February 2017

Success increases love!


Success increases love! It’s important to understand that someone who has created success realizes nothing is more important than love. A successful person: Has passion for what they do. Finds bliss in following their passion. Feels a bond with those that understand their passion. Love reminds us how interconnected we are to others, and it… continue reading »

Five reasons we fall in love with a brand


When we fall in love with someone, we go through a process of developing that relationship. Initially, we connect visually to create that first impression; the phrase “love at first sight” comes to mind.  Next, we make a decision, based off of trust, whether we will continue investing our time and energy in this person…. continue reading »

Four ways to build a winning team


In our sales meeting, there was a discussion on which team would win this year’s super bowl. Will it be the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots? Being loyal Cincinnati Bengals fans hoping for our first playoff victory, we discussed the lessons learned by those winning organizations and how those principles may apply to… continue reading »