Month: September 2016

Do you believe in marriage?


I recently attended a coworker’s wedding.   I thought about all the planning, execution and resources it takes for that big moment.  The endless hours of planning who you will invite, who will be your bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flowers, the music, the rings, the church and then your vows.  The commitment you declare to the… continue reading »

5 ways to create and maintain a positive attitude


In our weekly sales meeting our team had a discussion on the power of PMS.  Yes, the women laughed as we said “oh yeah we have experienced that”.  The men replied “we have witnessed it ourselves”.  I know minds went quickly to how the monthly cycle of women impacts the universe.  The PMS we were… continue reading »

“Why leading is always better than managing”


I was thinking about the question of leading versus managing.  As early as I can remember I have been managed.  It started at birth with my parents.  They were my first experience to management.  Any of these phrases sound familiar, “clean your room, do your homework, eat your vegetables, stop crying, be home by dark,… continue reading »