Get your client to say yes!


Own The Objection And Close More Sales The sales teams that consistently exceed expectations tend to be more aware of what is keeping them from closing the sale. They are prepared for any objection that their client may present to them. They find a way to build trust with their clients and shift their clients’… continue reading »

Think Like a Celebrity, Convert More Sales


Think Like a Celebrity, Convert More Sales We did everything right. We prospected the right target for our station, provided market research to support why advertising on the radio would be a great business decision for them, and we even created an award-winning commercial campaign to position them as a market leader. In our minds,… continue reading »

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3 Steps to Fight Through Rejection


3 Steps to Fight Through Rejection We put a lot of negative weight on failure in our culture, but here’s what’s interesting: contrary to popular belief, successful salespeople will tell you that their success is not tied to repeatedly winning. They frame their success as repeatedly trying something, even if that attempt fails. Think about… continue reading »